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USA Owned & Operated

Toy Carz 4 Kidz is USA’s #1 kids car Retailer, that started back in 2013 and has been a family owned and operated business. We are locally owned and operated; we thrive on customer service and make sure we provide best service to our customers at competitive prices. We make sure all available kids ride on toys are made from high grade materials and are certified by Australian standards. Each and every Ride on Toys we sell are thoroughly checked and tested so all the toys are safe for your kids.

Buying a product online can be sometimes an intimidating experience but dealing with a local business can help calm those nerves. When you buy ride ons from us, you can be confident that your needs would be taken care by a local USA business. Not only that, you can rest assured knowing that you would be supporting the American economy and local jobs. We are experienced, reliable and trusted by 100’s of satisfied customers and we support local suppliers and community.

We keep you up to date with your order lifecycle, from the moment you land on our website, we are always available to provide advice for choosing the right motorised and non-motorised ride on cars. Once you’ve placed an order, you receive your order confirmation email. As soon as your order gets dispatched from our warehouse, we’ll update you with tracking details of your order, so you can keep an eye out and see exactly where your order is.

Wide Range of Ride on Toys

At Toy Carz 4 Kidz, we stock a plethora of toys for you to choose from. Whether you’re hunting a toy for your kid, niece, nephew, or for anyone else aged between 12 months to 7 years, we are sure you’d find one that would suit your needs. We offer licensed ride on cars from popular car makers such as Kids Audi Cars, Mercedes Benz Kids Car, Range Rover for kids, BMW, and Vespa. Licensed ride on toys are the ones that the manufactures have the license or legal rights to use brand holder’s badges, styling and features to replicate the real cars as much as possible. The quality of these toys may also be overseen by these brand owners, so we know they are made of the highest quality and meet the quality standard.

We also stock a wide range of replicas or models that are inspired by real life cars such as Bugatti, Porsche, BMW, Maserati, Mercedes, Range Rovers, and more. Such ride on toys are exact opposite of licensed version, that is, they don’t use real badges/logos, exact styling or features of a real-world car maker. Even though, build quality of licensed toys are generally better than the replica ones, we always ensure we get the best quality replica toys that meet the Australian standards along with 12 months of warranty for your peace of mind.

You can also choose our range of electric kids car, balance bikes, push cars, remote controlled kids toys, pedal-powered go karts, swing cars and mini cars for kids. You can view your perfect toy for your kid by visiting our ride on toys page today and purchasing something from our wide selection.

12 Months Warranty on All Toys

We care about our customers and customer service is of paramount importance to us. At Toy Carz 4 Kidz, we’re proud to thrive on our customer service and we ensure all our customers are satisfied with our service and our products. If there is a problem with one of your ride on toy, we fix it right away. We know how important this purchase is to you which is why we treat each individual purchase as one of our own.

For your peace of mind, all our ride ons come with 12 months of warranty. You can rest easy knowing that if anything goes wrong, we’re here to help and get things fixed for you. You don’t need to stress over sourcing different parts or opening up your toolbox to fix your large motorised toy. Just shoot us an email and one of our friendly support team members would assist you. Be wary of sellers who only offer limited time warranty.

We ensure all kids ride on cars are sourced from best suppliers. Although most of these toys are made in China, that doesn’t necessarily mean they’re of bad quality. Even iPhones are made in China and they last forever. Which is why we ensure we only use suppliers that source these toys from trusted and reliable manufacturers. All our ride on toys complies with Australian safety regulations and chargers are SAA-Approved.

Competitive Pricing & Great Discounts

We offer a wide variety of ride on toys at competitive pricing and special limited time promotions. A huge range of options doesn’t mean a lot if those options aren’t sold at a reasonable and affordable price which is why our range starts from as low as $67, including delivery. This allows you to find the right toy for your loved one without breaking the bank.

We not only offer competitive pricing but we also offer Australia’s favourite Buy Now Pay Later payment merchant – Afterpay. It allows you to split your purchase in to four easy instalments. The first instalment is deducted at the time of your purchase and then remaining instalments are deducted every fortnight. The best part about this is that you don’t have to wait to receive your order as we ship it as soon as your order [your first instalment] goes through.

Kids Safety Is Imperative to us – Toy Carz 4 Kidz

The most important thing that needs to be looked into while purchasing a kids ride on cars is the level of safety features they offer. From the quality of the material used to safety features such as seatbelts and harnesses used, it’s very important that these toys are manufactured to meet the necessary guidelines and standards set out. You can buy a ride on toy from us knowing we only sell toys that meet all these guidelines and standards.

We encourage parents to monitor their kids while they operate their ride on. Even though, older kids can fully control their ride on car, it’s vital that parents supervise them to avoid any dangerous situation.

Most of our cars come with the parental remote control with an emergency stop button for additional safety. These remote controls come with different speed modes along with forward and reverse options. Parents are able to steer the electric toy left or right which gives them full control over it. This is one of the reasons why we encourage customers to buy toys that come with the remote control.

Additional to these safety features, it is important to note where these ride on toys are being driven. We generally recommend these toys to be ridden in a wide, open outdoor space with a smooth surface for best traction and grip. This allows kids to explore the area and also removes the possibility of them bumping into walls or objects. After all, the main objective of these toys is to get kids away from excessive screen time and get them to enjoy the weather outdoors. These toys may be ridden indoors but ensure there is ample of space, no movable objects or furniture with items such as lamps, electronic devices, painting, etc that may fall after a collision.

We request customers to follow each step mentioned in the assembly manual, skipping any step may cause the structure of these kids car to be not as strong as they can be. We also insist customers to make sure all screws and clip-ons are tight and recommend checking them every few months to ensure they are tight enough. The motorised toys require some additional steps to ensure there are no safety hazard, such as battery and electrical components can get affected if they get in contact with water.

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